Forms, Guidelines, & Ballots

Membership Form
The 2016-17 membership form can be found here: 2017-18 Membership Form

Awards Applications
The WDCA bestows an annual Coach of the Year Award. Applications for the Coach of the Year Award can be made by using this online form (we are now paperless). A list of previous winners, including a brief description of the award, can be found here.

Additionally, the WDCA maintains a Hall of Fame Award for coaches. The Hall of Fame Award is given to a coach who has a consistent program, displays professionalism, cares for students, uphold educational standards, promotes debate as an educational and communication tool, and has shown commitment and dedication to the cause of interscholastic debate in the State of Wisconsin. Applications to the Hall of Fame Award can made using this online form. Current members of the WDCA Hall of Fame can be found here.

Each year the WDCA shall bestows upon two worthy recipients a scholarship award. The Application to the 2017-18 Scholarship Award is available here. As of 2017-18, an evaluation form is provided that describes the process judges will use to evaluate applications, which can be found here. Previous Scholarship winners can be found here. The previous Scholarship Winners page (as well as the current application) describe the scholarship criteria.

Judging Guideline
The WDCA has developed these guidelines to help address issues that have risen:
Judge Training Powerpoint
Judge Training Handout
WDCA Coaches/Judges Handbook
WDCA Judging Guidelines
WDCA Paperless Debating Guidelines
Adding a Paradigm in Tabroom

The Wisconsin Debate Coaches’ Association has developed the following ballots for use in debate competitions. Duplicate (LD and PF) and triplicate (policy) carbon copy ballots are available to WDCA member schools. If you need ballots, please request them from Nick Bubb.

Lincoln-Douglas Ballot
Policy Ballot
Public Forum Ballot

Guides to e-Balloting
The following how to documents were developed for tournaments using online ballots.

How to enter e-ballots
Step-by-Step Guide to E-Balloting