Wisconsin State Tournament History

The high school champions of Wisconsin debate were not always determined by the events run by the Wisconsin Debate Coaches’ Association. The WDCA has hosted two major events that have crowned State Champions. Here’s a bit more information about those tournaments and who won them.

STOC – State Tournament of Champions

Prior to first WHSFA-WDCA Wisconsin State Debate Tournament, the Wisconsin Debate Coaches’ Association held an annual State Tournament of Champions. The tournament was initially setup to recognize freshman and sophomore debaters. Juniors and Seniors (varsity competition) was conducted in WHSFA state tournament. For parts of the WHSFA history, the tournament offered both switch-sides and four person divisions. In the 1990s, the WDCA became home to the switch side competition along side four divisions of four-speaker debate (middle school, novice, junior varsity, and varsity). In 2001-02, Lincoln-Douglas was added as an official event of the WDCA. In 2005-06, Public Forum was added as an official event.

A list of the champions and runners-up from the STOC era is available here. Limited results packets are available, these were transcribed from earlier WDCA historical efforts. Please let us know if there are errors or other additions to make to the listing.

Wisconsin State Debate Tournament

Beginning in 2006-07, the Wisconsin Debate Coaches’ Association joined with the Wisconsin High School Forensics Association to offer a joint Wisconsin State Debate Tournament. Though the WHSFA no longer sponsors the event, the tournament continues under the same name. A list of champions and runners-up is available here.

Combined results packets from the Wisconsin State Debate Tournament are listed here: