The Case for Debate

A Note to School Administrators

If you want to increase the chance that your students will be able to enter top colleges or universities, make sure your school offers academic debate. Students who participate in debate dramatically increase their chances of being accepted at an Ivy League college or university according to The Wall Street Journal (April 16, 1999).

What other class or activity teaches students how to research a topic, develop a defensible position, take notes and argue persuasively at such a low cost to your school or district? Debate is in a class by itself.

If your high school or middle school presently offers debate, we congratulate you and encourage you to recognize the efforts of your students and coach.

Establishing a Debate Program

If your school does not presently offer debate, we encourage you to pursue the opportunity. Even if there is no-one with debate experience to work with the team, don’t let that stop you. A high percentage of successful Wisconsin debate coaches began their debate coaching careers with little or no experience.

The WDCA is very supportive and all members will work to help you establish a successful debate program. In addition, the WDCA offers handbooks and workshops for incoming debate coaches. For more information on establishing a debate program at your school, contact Lorin Oswald, debate coach at Homestead High School and chair of the New Coaches Committee.